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Greeters are volunteers who welcome you to share their love for their city, village or area in an enthusiastic and hospitable manner.

A Greeter from Troyes and Aube will take you for a walk for a couple of hours around the place where he lives, free of charge. You will experience his/her city in a unique way, off the beaten track, from the perspective of a locals' knowledge and introduction to what makes the Aube county a charming and exciting place to visit. Because, the Aube county possesses an outstanding historic and industrial heritage, beautiful countryside and delicious gastronomy.

The Association Troyes dès l'Aube GREETERS was born in 2011. It is part of the Global Greeter Network, an informal association of Greeters programmes all around the world (more than 100 destinations up to date!), founded in 1992 in New York City. The concept is a big success and has spread all over the world (discover all destinations here).

Looking for an enriching and original holiday or trip, meeting new people?
Then come and visit us as a friend of us...!

All Greeters and Greeter destinations share the same core values:

1) Greeters are volunteers, a friendly face for those visiting a city / destination.

2) Greeters welcome individuals and may serve small groups of up to six people.

3) Meeting a Greeter is free of charge.

4) Visitors are welcomed without any kind of discrimination.

5) Greeter programs support sustainable tourism. Programs respects natural and man-made environments, it brings both cultural and economical enrichment to the local communities. Programs aim for a lasting positive image of each destination.

6) Greeter programs create a mutually enriching opportunity for cultural exchange, create links between ordinary people in creating a better world


Meet a Greeter !

Meet a greeter, that means:

You will find all you have to know to prepare your meeting with a greeter by consulting our Advice for the meeting.

If you want to register for a meeting, please fill in the form (at the bottom of this page: "Register") 15 days at least before your arrival day, and send it back to us.

…You have the opportunity to make a donation to our association "TROYES dès l'AUBE" through your host, at the end of the meeting or via Paypal.

Your generosity will be very useful to finance part of our communication supports...

Thank you for your contribution to the development of our association and... see you soon in Troyes and Aube !

the advice for the meeting

Hello !

You are about to meet a greeter. Before you register for a meeting, you must read the "Charte des Greeters" and other tips carefully so as to understand and agree with the concept of the meeting.


Who are the Greeters ?

All the Greeters are local volunteers who love their place. They wish to offer visitors how to discover it in a different way. During their free time, they welcome visitors for a meeting or a walk, as they would do with friends. The Greeter is not providing you with a guided tour because he is not a professional. He will talk about himself, his family, his hobbies, the places he enjoys and his personal investment in his area. The meeting is a real cultural exchange. The visitor is also invited to talk about himself and what he would like to discover. During a meeting, the Greeter can take the visitors to market places, shops, artwork places, take part in cultural or sports events, or talk about history, according to what he likes and what the visitor wants to know. Each Greeter is enthusiastic, open-minded and happy to welcome a visitor.

Who are the visitors ?

A Greeter cannot accept more than 6 visitors in a same group. He is not a professional and the meeting must stay familiar and informal, for a better cultural exchange. One of the visitors at least must be over 18 years old. Visitors can be families, friends, couples, professionals, students...

How do Greeters and visitors meet ?

The visitor will fill in a visit registration form on our website. He will give the dates of his stay, the place he wants the meeting to take place, the language that should be used during the meeting if possible, and the number of people who will take part in the meeting. The visitor has to send his request at least 15 days before his arrival in Aube in order to give the Association TROYES dès l'AUBE time to find him a Greeter. As soon as the meeting request has been registered, the visitor will receive an acknowledgement by e-mail. Once his meeting is confirmed, he will receive information about his Greeter in order to get in touch with him directly before the meeting. All the Greeters are volunteers.

Sometimes, a Greeter may not be free for a walk at the exact time when the visitors planned to stay in Aube. In that case, the visitor should be informed of the impossibility to fulfill his request.

Once the meeting date is confirmed, the visitor has to get in touch with the Greeter before the meeting date. If the visitor does not contact the Greeter, the meeting will be automatically cancelled.

Know more about the meeting...

Each meeting is unique, singular and special. It depends on the visitor's wishes and the Greeter's knowledge of his area. It also depends on the weather, local events, the kind of relationship that will develop between the Greeter and the visitors. The Greeter is the one who decides what he wants to show or explain to his visitors according to the way he "lives his territory".

The Greeter can welcome visitors alone or with another Greeter, friends, his family, someone to help for the translation and so on...

The meeting lasts about 2 hours but can last longer if both the visitor and the Greeter agree.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Greeter will quickly remind the visitor of the Greeter concept.

If any extras are necessary (coffee, restaurant, transport, entrance fee, etc.), the visitor will be notified at the time of the meeting. Each one pays for his own expenses.

If the visitor does not show up at the meeting point, if he arrives late, if he does not appreciate the meeting and notifies it to his host or shows lack of respect toward his Greeter, the Greeter will be free of his commitment towards him.

The meeting is free. The Greeter will not accept any tip. But the visitor can donate to the Association TROYES dès l'AUBE through his Greeter, to help for the development of the Association.

At the end of the meeting, the Greeter may help the visitor with personal advice for his stay in Aube.


Both the visitor and the Greeter are informed that the meeting is free.

The Association TROYES dès l'AUBE cannot be held liable for any inconvenience that could happen to the visitor because of the impossibility of organizing a meeting or in case of a meeting cancellation due to a Greeter's major reason.

Participants are responsible for their own safety during the meeting or the walk. The Greeters and the Association TROYES dès l'AUBE may not be held liable in case of incidents or accidents that may occur during that time. Please ensure you use the zebra crossings and only cross when vehicles are stopped!

The Association TROYES dès l'AUBE or the Greeters cannot be held liable for any failure, default or litigation, by the visitor.

The information published on our website www.greeters-troyes-aube was correct at the time of publication. Our website is regularly checked up and updated. The Association TROYES dès l'AUBE cannot be held liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience that could result from the use of this information.

Some friend and partner links are published on our website. The Association thinks that such information could be useful for our visitors. Nevertheless, the Association TROYES dès l'AUBE does not guarantee any of the products, services or information offered by these websites nor the organizations that manage them. The Association TROYES dès l'AUBE cannot be held liable for any actions that would result from their use or the use of other website links they publish.

Data protection policy Personal

The purpose of this personal data policy is to clearly inform you about how your data is used by the Federation France Greeters
And its members, on the security measures we implement to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your data and the rights
you have to control the use of your data.

In the context of the development of our Sites and the implementation of new regulatory standards, we can change this policy on
personal data. We invite you to read it regularly.
Who are we?
All the personal data we collect and deal with are managed by the French Greeters Federation, as the manager of treatment and by
the Members of the French Federation Greeters, in terms of management of walks.
Within our federation, the respect and implementation of the applicable provisions for the protection of Personal data is followed
by our data protection officer.
What personal data do we keep and treat?
Personal data is information that allows you to identify yourself, be it directly or indirectly. It is : your name, address, telephone
number and email address but also the IP address of your computer or the information related to your browsing on our Site.
The Greeters will never ask you to provide so-called sensitive personal information, such as information about your health, your
political ideals, your religious beliefs, your criminal record, your sexual orientation, your sex life, your comportement or your
genetic information. We thank you for not providing this kind of information during your Greeters meetings.
The personal data we are dealing with are directly related to a request for a ride on your part. We do not manage visitor account, in
which your personal data, would be kept. Every request for a Greet, on our Data Base, gathers all information collected on
different occasions and related to this request, its organisation, its realization and its follow-up. Personal information about the
Greeters are also kept and managed in our data base.

We collect your data directly when you:

in any case, only your first name, city and country of provenance will be mentioned, if we publish your evaluation.

Your personal data is:

Then your name, Email, phone disappear from our database by being anonymized, the rest of your data become then
anonymous without any direct relationship with any of our visitors.

accompanied immediately by anonymization of his name, pre-Name, address, email and Telephones(s).

your personal data is not visible from our Greeters. As the coordinates of the Greeter who makes you a proposal are not,
either, visible to you.

parties. This action requires your acknowledment and is requested on each request for a ride. This possibility of mailing
ends with the retention period of 13 months personal data. Finally, the right of modification allows you at any time to
return to your previous choice.

with you. The flow is controlled and managed by a walking manager, who has committed to a strict confidentiality on
your data. Visitors are not able to escape and must agree to receive them.


particulars of the Greet made together.

Traceability of our treatments

Each request for a recorded ride immediately receives an acknowledgement email, with a unique file number that will be carried
over to all transactions relating to the application.
The same traceability also exists for each of our Greeters And over the last three months.
The management of application assignments, proposals from Greeters And Visitor responses are processed in real time and
immediately generates confirmation e-mails.

What are your rights to protect your personal data?
All mails received to manage your application, have a link that allows you to to cancel your request and our corresponding
treatments immediately.
You also have the right to request access to your personal data, rectification or deletion. Make your requests by email to the
following address: contact.dataprotection@greeters.fr .
Don't forget to give us the reference number of your original application, your name and the city Greeter Visited.
Our Greeters have direct access to their individual file and can, at any time consult and modify their personal data. They can also
give and update their availability downtime.
In the event you consider that the use of your personal data by the Federation France Greeters, violates the rules of protection of
your personal data, please tell us and you can also submit a complaint to the CNIL.
How are your personal data protected?
The French Federation Greeters Implements all industry standard practices and security procedures to prevent any violation of
your personal data.
All the information you send us is stored on Secure servers at our technical service providers.
Where data transmission is necessary and authorized, the Federation shall ensure that these third parties have sufficient guarantees
to ensure an appropriate level of protection.
In accordance with the Data protection regulations in the event of a violation, the Federation undertakes to communicate this
violation to the competent supervisory authority, and where required, to the persons concerned.

Confidentiality at our service providers

Our sites access follow-up by Google Analytics .
The software for analyzing access to our pages on the Internet: Google Analytics, is used by the French Federation Greeters For
statistical purposes. Google Analytics Keeps the IP addresses of Internet users coming to our sites. These addresses are
Anonymized so as not to be able to trace back to each individual who accessed and make this operation confidential. The retention
time of the information is aligned with our 13 months retention of your personal data.
Organization of mailings
Our mailings are managed by Mailchimp and give you access, to your unsubscribing if you wish. In addition, your right to change
may also relate to your agreement regarding the use of your email for Greeters Mailings.
The policy of Mailchimp in terms of confidentiality of personal data is consistent with the regulations and in line with our
approach. Mailchimp, however, keep the responsibility for the confidentiality of the data and the treatments of mailings.
Management of donations on Paypal
We offer the opportunity to our visitors to give us a donation in appreciation of the time spent with them by our volunteers. These
donations are paid to Greeters organizations to help their financial management. We use the services of Paypal to ensure these
payments and you must accept their conditions on Personal data management.
The policy of Paypal Confidentiality of personal data is in accordance with the regulations and in line with our approach. Paypal
keep, however, responsibility for the confidentiality of the data and its treatment.
Non-Compliance Procedures of the Federation concerning the management of requests for walks
If an organization of Greeters with whom you are in contact through the platform of the Federation France Greeters, was not to
use the tools and protocols made available or not to use the booking management on JEF, The Federation could not be held
responsible for the consequences in particular on the processing of your personal data.
How to contact us? If you have any questions regarding the use of your personal data, we invite you to read this policy and, if
you need further information, contact our data protection officer by Email: contact.dataprotection@greeters.fr
Association Law 1901 « Fédération France Greeters » Url: www.greeters.fr E-mail: contact@greeters.fr

Greeters and visitors agree with the use made of their pictures on the Association TROYES dès l'AUBE communication supports, without any counterpart. If you disagree, please send a simple request to contact@greeters-troyes-aube.fr.


Before the meeting:

During the meeting:

After the meeting:


Contact us !

Please do not use this page to ask for a meeting: use our special page "Meet a Greeter". Thank you!

Témoignage de Brigitte, Madrid


Quoi de plus agréable, intéressant et séduisant dans un voyage qu'une rencontre avec une personne qui aime sa ville et désire la faire connaitre !!! Une rencontre suivie d'échanges vrais, spontanés et chaleureux. Un merveilleux souvenir !!

Témoignage de Sharon, Israël


Mon déplacement professionnel a été transformé par la rencontre fortuite avec une troyenne qui m'a accueillie comme une amie en flânant après le travail dans les belles rues de Troyes. Un vrai plaisir que cet échange qui m'a permis de mieux comprendre le mode de vie français!

Témoignage de Fabrice et Agnès, Paris


Nous voyageons beaucoup, mais jamais nous n'avons été si bien accueillis qu'à Troyes, de manière si originale. Merci pour ce temps partagé, cette disponibilité, cette bonne ambiance, les conseils de visites avisés; nous avons beaucoup apprécié la visite audioguidée proposée par l'Office du Tourisme que vous nous avez recommandée.

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Thank you for your friendship and welcome back in Troyes and Aube whenever you like!

Association des Greeters "Parisien d'un jour"


Voici un reportage France 3 qui présente l'association des greeters de Paris.

Anne, Greeter et Aubusson


Reportage sur Anne, Greeter dans l'âme.

Découvrir Troyes et l'Aube dans les pas des Greeters

02/05/2012 - L'Est Eclair
Photo - Découvrir Troyes et l'Aube dans les pas des Greeters


Basé sur la convivialité et l'échange, le réseau des Greeters permet à des visiteurs de découvrir une ville sous le prisme de ses habitants


Après Paris, le Tarn, Marseille, Lyon, le Pas-de-Calais, et plus récemment Mulhouse, Brest et la Seine-et-Marne, le réseau des Greeters (du verbe to greet, accueillir) « débarque » dans l'Aube. Né à New York, au début des années 90, ce mouvement s'inscrit dans la vague du tourisme alternatif qui, avec le couchsurfing (hébergement chez l'habitant), les échanges de maisons, ou plus classiquement, les chambres d'hôtes, n'a cessé de se développer ces dernières années.
Son principe : permettre « aux habitants désireux de partager leur amour et leur passion pour leur territoire de rencontrer et d'accueillir des visiteurs afin de leur offrir un moment convivial et un regard personnel sur leur lieu de vie », résume Delphine Yagüe, créatrice de « Troyes dès l'Aube », l'association qui porte le projet des Greeters dans le département.
En clair, il s'agit de permettre à des étrangers, ou tout simplement à des visiteurs venus de départements voisins, de découvrir un territoire, sous le prisme de ses habitants, et donc forcément en dehors des sentiers battus.
« L'objectif est de créer du lien social. Non seulement entre les visiteurs et les habitants, mais également entre les habitants eux-mêmes, afin qu'ils connaissent mieux leur territoire », souligne Delphine Yagüe, qui insiste sur le caractère bénévole et non professionnel des personnes impliquées.
« Même si nous contribuons à la promotion touristique du territoire, nous ne sommes ni experts en histoire locale, ni guides touristiques professionnels. Nous nous inscrivons donc en complément - et non en concurrence - de l'offre institutionnelle », insiste la jeune femme, qui explique « inciter les visiteurs à utiliser les services institutionnels proposés par l'office du tourisme » au cours de chaque rencontre.

Lire la suite:

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Greeters in Troyes and Aube!

02/05/2012 - Radio Latitude
Photo - Greeters in Troyes and Aube!

Avec Troyes dès l'Aube, les greeters débarquent à Troyes. Du verbe anglais « to greet » qui signifie « accueillir », ce mouvement permet aux habitants d'une ville de faire découvrir leur territoire autrement.

Non-professionnel et non lucratif, l'offre des greeters est complémentaire du tourisme traditionnel. Pour Catherine Hugot, jeune greeter, la démarche s'inscrit dans une dynamique de tourisme alternatif.

Catherine Hugot

Le concept a, en effet, vu le jour à New York en 1992, puis a essaimé dans 50 autres antennes sur 5 continents.

Musiciens, fonctionnaires, responsables d'associations, dirigeants d'entreprise ou de services, et encore créateurs de mode, ils sont déjà une dizaine de bénévoles accueillants à Troyes au profil très divers, et dont les centres d'intérêts sont tout autant variés. Leur point commun, ils connaissent bien leur ville. Pour prendre contact avec eux, il suffit de se rendre sur le www.greeters-troyes-aube.fr.


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Voyagez, les Greeters vous accueillent !

28/03/2012 - CommentCaMarche
Photo - Voyagez, les Greeters vous accueillent !

On connaissait les sites comme Trip-Advisor pour s'échanger les bonnes adresses avec d'autres voyageurs. Mais c'est un nouveau service que propose Global Greeter Network : celui de mettre en relation des touristes et les habitants pour faire découvrir une ville autrement.

Le principe est assez simple, les habitants (les Greeters) s'inscrivent sur un réseau social créé dans leur ville et propose des balades ou des activités à des touristes de passages. Ces habitants s'engagent à ne pas jouer les guides au sens propre du terme mais de faire découvrir la ville hors des sentiers battus ! Lors de l'inscription sur le site, les Greeters sont invités à remplir un questionnaire concernant leurs centres d'intérêt et les quartiers de la ville qu'ils préfèrent. Attention, les Greeters ne sont pas rémunérés !

Les touristes, eux, remplissent aussi un questionnaire sur leurs centres d'intérêts (patrimoine, musée, nature etc)? Charge ensuite à l'organisme qui gère les Greeters (le plus souvent un Office de tourisme) de mettre en contact les Greeters et les touristes, en fonction des affinités des uns et des autres.

Guy, Greeters Marseille salue d'ailleurs l'esprit Greeters. « Je suis intéressé à devenir Greeter surtout pour l'échange, non pas pour me substituer et remplacer les professionnels du tourisme. Les visiteurs peuvent eux-mêmes trouver toutes les sources d'informations touristiques, mais avoir un contact avec un local volontaire et motivé est vraiment exceptionnel, cela vaut bien sûr aussi pour nous dans l'autre sens. » Comme quoi les réseaux sociaux stimulent aussi les rencontres en IRL (in real life).

En France, vous trouverez des Greeters dans les villes et régions suivantes : Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Marseille et le Pas-de-Calais.

Et si vous voulez voyagez plus loin, le site Global Greeter Network recense toutes les destinations où les Greeters vous accueillent !

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